Jimi Cap™

The Jimi Cap™ is designed to enhance an athlete's performance by keeping unwanted hair and perspiration off of the face and out of the field of vision.

Its unique solid and mesh construction of Supplex-Lycra draws perspiration away from the body so that it evaporates quickly, keeping the player dry and comfortable.

As a smart and viable alternative to baseball hats and hair ties, both women and men with long hair prefer the Jimi Cap™ Hole-In-One designed to draw hair through the back of the cap, securing it away from the face, off the shoulders and neatly in place.

The Balaclava, originally designed in Europe as Alpine ski wear, has been adapted for a variety of uses in many industries - from racing to costuming. The Balaclava fits snugly over the head, neck, shoulders and upper chest of the wearer or mascot. Elastic straps secure the garment under the arms to prevent bunching up or riding up under clothing or costumes. The smooth look and feel of Supplex- Lycra provides maximum flexibility in range of motion as well as comfort and stability for the mascot. When the costume is worn for extended periods of time in active situations, the unique construction of Supplex-Lycra keeps the mascot as cool and dry as possible.

The Balaclava is sold in standard and custom colors. Hoods can be dyed to your costume's unique specifications. This added benefit alone can preserve the "believability" of a character, especially upon separation of the head and body pieces. Characters become alive and real. Crowds and spectators see only the "character" behind the costume, not the flesh tones of a mascot's neck.

This hooded Jimi Cap™ is currently marketed to the sports and entertainment industries such as Disney World, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Sea World and Knotts Berry Farms.

Scrimmage Caps

In team practice sessions and when players need to differentiate offense from defense or opposing "uniform attire," Jimi Cap™ Scrimmage Caps are an economical solution. Scrimmage Caps are available in solid weave and solid standard colors or in custom team colors in quantity purchases.
Head Bands

Jimi Cap™ Head Bands are available in solid standard colors with or without graphics.