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Jimi Inc. has created a cap, designed to be worn with or without a helmet, to add comfort, aid in perspiration absorption and give an overall "uniform" appearance.

The cap is made of a fabric called Supplex-Lycra, designed to draw perspiration away from the body, so that it evaporates quickly and keeps the individual or player dry and comfortable.

The Jimi Cap™ provides comfort and support under hard hats and occupational headgear. It reduces the risk of accident or injury caused from "slipping" due to perspiration dripping into the eyes, onto hands, tools and surface areas. In industry, food service and medicine, the cap assist in meeting "health and safety" requirements as well.

The Jimi Cap™ can be purchased in a variety of colors to match your company/ team colors. Customized graphics, logos or player numbers are available on quantity purchases.

This cap provides a functional and attractive alternative to bandanas, cut-off T-shirt sleeves and other "non-uniform" attire. The Jimi Cap™ has been purchased by many of America's favorite sports teams and companies.

Sports Occupational
- USC Football
- Florida University Football
- St. Louis Rams
- Denver Broncos
- Seattle Seahawks
- Detroit Lions
- Nascar
- Women's Olympic Hockey
- Outback Steak
- Six Flags
- Sea World
- San Diego Zoo
- Disney World / Disneyland
- Chuck E. Cheese
- Knotts Berry Farm
- "The Big Dig" (Boston)

"The players on our team prefer the Jimi Cap™ to any other head covering." -Doug West, Equipment Manager, Denver Broncos