Inspired by a close affiliation with the NFL, US Olympic Teams and a host of International professional and amateur sports teams, the Jimi Cap™ was designed to enhance an athlete's playing experience by removing visibility barriers that adversely affect his / her comfort level and performance. When playing any type of sports or performing any intense work activity, one faces the challenge of keeping unwanted hair and perspiration off of the face and out of the field of vision.

Constructed with a high tech fabric Supplex-Lycra, the Jimi Cap™ is uniquely designed to draw perspiration away from the body, allowing it to evaporate quickly, keeping the player dry and comfortable. A variety of styles in solid and mesh fabric can be worn in cold weather to keep the head warm and dry and in warm weather to keep the head cool and dry.

The Jimi Cap™ can be worn alone or under sports helmets, hard hats and other occupational headgear. Overall, the Jimi Cap™ provides and attractive and functional alternative to "non-uniform" attire. Order the cap in a wide range of colors and styles to fit your individual taste or to match your company or team colors. Customized graphics, logos or player numbers are available on quantity purchases.

Although originally designed for athletes and sports enthusiasts, the versatility and popularity of the Jimi Cap™ has spread to numerous occupational industries and applications. In addition to many of America's favorite sports teams, universities, organizations and companies, the Jimi Cap™ has been purchased by Disney World, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Sea World, San Diego Zoo, Chuck E. Cheese, Knotts Berry Farm, McDonalds, Caltrans, Metrolink, building / construction, restaurants / food service and medicine.